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Fowler High School Athletics Mission Statement

Fowler High School is committed to excellence in athletics as part of a larger commitment to excellence in education.  We believe in developing the “whole” child where we focus on academics, character, and being competitive. We ask our children to work hard and give of themselves for the good of the team.  It is our belief that this constant pursuit of team excellence causes all of us to go far beyond our individual capabilities. We believe that it is essential that our children learn the benefit of competition, striving to gain the self-satisfaction of knowing they put forth their best effort.  Fowler High School believes in teaching our children how to become leaders. It is our goal to surround our children with positive role models that have strong values, who will emphasize on building traits such as confidence, self-control, loyalty, trustworthiness, responsibility, work ethic, courage, and caring, in order to help groom them into successful competitors on the field and successful citizens in society.  At Fowler High School we believe in teaching our children how to win with class and lose with dignity. We believe that there is a lot more to being a winner than the final score of a game, and after a loss we must teach our children to persevere. Our goal at Fowler High School is to graduate children that have initiative, that are competitive, and that strive to be the best of the best, never losing that Redcat Spirit!