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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! This is an exciting time, as we are gearing up forthe first day of school on August 15th, 2023. Many of our Redcat staff and students are already here on campus preparing for your arrival of our students from the communities of Malaga and Fowler. Some are preparing for sporting activities, while others are making sure your classrooms are ready for learning on day one of the school year. For example our ASB and Leadership students have planned out day one activities to support our school motto that will shape your thinking everyday on this campus. “Stronger together, Redcats forever!” Our Link Crew is also busy planning great experiences and activities to welcome our incoming 9th graders.

Our teachers planned together with their department teams over the summer in anticipation of your return. Fowler High has made the commitment to support each and every student who walks on this campus. We want you to reach your greatest potential. Our teachers and staff believe that all our students can learn and will achieve at the highest levels in and out of the classroom. Our teachers also believe that collaboration is important for their own professional learning teams and the students who are learning together in our classrooms

You are part of the Redcat Family.  One of our goals this year: is building positive relationships between students and staff, so that each and every student knows there is an adult on campus that cares about their personal success!  We have a myriad of resources to support you from academic tutoring to social emotional support here at Fowler High School. We take pride in making sure we provide the highest educational experience possible so you can reach your greatest potential. 

Finally,we have a challenge for you:  We challenge you to find a way to get involved in something positive here on campus.. Consider joining one of our award winning sports teams, be an active member in a club like FFA, or get engaged in a performing arts program like choir, theater, or band.  Getting involved will help you to build lasting friendships and memories built on the tradition of,  “Once a Redcat always a Redcat!”  

Rick Perez Jr.


FHS Class of 2000